Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Best Displays of Athleticism

It seems that every BYU grad in New York went to see the Cougars play at the Garden Tuesday night. And in this case, "Every BYU grad" = "Even Me."

I'm no basketball expert, or major basketball game attender, but as the son and grandson of serious BYU fans, I figured I oughta, that it would be fun. And I was right!  It was fun!

BYU was playing in the semi-finals of the NIT invitational tournament (to be doubly redundant), the Nation's oldest and most prestigious college basketball tournament.  BYU won the NIT in 66. Would they win it again?

Erm, nope. Sometimes they played well but during the second half they looked like a priests quorum team. Honestly I do not know why they never put Jimmer in.

But winning isn't everything and the night certainly wasn't a total loss. For starters, look at these chicken fingers I had!

But even better than the chicken: Baylor, the enemy, had this baton twirler and she was amazing. I don't know anything about twirling besides what David Foster Wallace has told me, so I don't know if she was spectacular or she might have been phoning in a by-the-book performance, but I was captivated by her twirling. Here is a photo of her on the TV in front of me.  I was just trying to capture the memory somehow! After the game I somehow found myself exiting the stadium a few yards behind her. Through the crowd I could not help but holler "You were so good!"

Inspired by the experience I went home to YouTube some baton twirling videos.  Below I have posted the first and only baton YouTube I watched.  I don't want to know if it gets better than this!  I couldn't stand it if it did.


Broek said...

Those chicken fingers and criss cut fries look wonderful.

HasBeenBaylorTwirler said...

Hi there! I came across your blog while doing some in-depth internet stalking of myself and was pleasantly surprised with my appearance in this post! I'm the twirler from that NIT game! I'm not sure if you still check your blog, but a very belated thank you for the compliments!

Btw, that video is from the 1980s, baton twirling has definitely changed since then. ;)