Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best Art-Seeing and Art-Learning

So, so many weeks ago, about the time I was emerging back into the world from my elbow surgery, Jared was in town because he had some art showing in the big deal Volta NY show.  Here we see the artist with Steven and Amelia (Now very recently married.  Best wishes to you, Steven and Amelia).

And here we see the artist's art.

His blocks of color were selling like crazy.

Here we see me.  Because I like to be seen on my blog every now and then.

Apart from Jared's work there were two other arts that captivated me at the show.  First, this sculpture (I guess?) of a bear hugging a girl.  That's not a real girl!  (And it's not a real bear, either).

There's something so perfect about the poses and tension in the two "bodies" that made it tremendously realistic and affecting.  I felt in my gut that I was witnessing real sadness and consolation even though my brain knew I wasn't.

Another transfixing sculpture: Girl and Bear Rug.  What might not be immediately clear from the photo is that the girl is "floating" in the air thanks to rigid leash (which seems to hang so loosely from her wrist) and the counterbalance of the rug.

Staring at her, I knew I knew this girl from somewhere.  I recognized her for a moment.  It took way too long for my brain to remember she was from a Klimt portrait.  A little Googling and it was illuminated (but perhaps I already knew?) that she lived at the Met.  So the next day I decided to take advantage of living in New York and ran up to the Met for a little bit to go see her.

Rounding a corner, there she was.

Mada Primavesi, banker's daughter.

Of course I saw a lot of other art while I was there, but I'll just show you these penguins.

And do you know who this is?  It's a fellow named Bashford Dean.  His personal studies and collecting of the arms and armor of the world brought the Mets armor and weapons collection into being.  Here he when he was picking up his samurai armor from Japan, armor that is now on display right beside this photo.  I like that he tried out the goods himself before taking them home.

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Dad said...

That's an impressive feat of memory to recall the Klimt. Next time I'm in NYC, I'm going to the Met to see it. I don't think I have yet. I always get stuck in European art before the 19th century. The face on the sculpture is too "pinched" but otherwise I like it a lot.