Friday, March 22, 2013

Best New Babel

Here's something I didn't know until this week: construction is well underway for "432 Park Avenue", a new 89 story, 140 unit, 1400 foot tall luxury apartment building on Park Avenue. When completed in 2015 it will be the tallest building in New York and North America, if you don't count the spire on the new World Trade Center building. Why aren't we all talking about this super tower that will soon be casting its money shadow all over the city like a sun dial all the time?!

Now here's the crazy thing about it: Apartments in this building Start at $20 million and top out at $80 million. Start at $20 million! That means you could kidnap basically anyone coming out of the building and the ransom would have your family set for generations. As shocking as the entry price is, I call baloney on the top price, too. Only 80 million to live on the top of this building? The top floor apartments of the new, not yet complete One 57th street building go for $90 million and that building is just 1000 feet tall. The most expensive NY apartment listing yet is $100 million for a penthouse at 15 CPW. There's got to be a supervillain dying to break all those records for a lair higher than any apartment or observation deck in this whole country.


Tannerama said...

First thing that popped into my head: If you jumped off of it, you would probably run out of breath screaming several times before vaporizing on the pavement below.

Sara said...

Wow. There's just so much money in that city . . .

Nice title, by the way. Super clever. :)