Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best Informational Film

The Lingos, the Manhattan Stake's annual film festival, were Saturday night.  For an evening that has been known to sometimes try one's patience more than entertain, this was a surprisingly strong year.  Good little movies were in the majority this year and the runaway crowd favorite of the night was Robert's explanation of the Harlem Shake.  An informative and lighthearted little documentary, the crowd was cheering Robert's name by the end of the film.  Check it out:

And now check out how badly Robert trounced the competition in the People's Choice voting:

There were a few other fine Lingos this year that I'm really hoping show up online soon, particularly "Fievel" and "Utah Names", to name two.

1 comment:

Robert Marrero said...

The Utah Names vid has been up on YouTube for a while now.

As for mine, I have my plans.