Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Best Labor Day Weekend Adventure Retreat

Labor Day Weekend. Time for an Adventure in the Adirondacks! A massive, multi-party expedition to Michelle's Family's Cabin at Loon Lake.

My party (The Advance Team) started our journey with a train ride to White Plains.

Dave. Kim. Cookies.

Once we arrived in White Plains we caught a little bus to the Westchester Airport.

Michelle. Her hair acting up.

At the Westchester Airport we procured our rental car.

Err, Dave procured while I checked out the observation deck (there I did my favorite camera thing: fooling with focusing).



And then I "walked it off" a bit with Kim. (inspired by this adventure, a year ago [scroll down 1/2 way for the walking off back then])

Hyundai Sonata! (that's the best Hyundai there is, you know)

Michelle instructed Dave on the route to the Open Road.

Open Road!!

After miles and miles and hours and hours, we dined at a Friendly's.

For such a friendly restaurant, the food really tries to kill you.

Back on the road...Wait! Who's that ahead of us tearing up the road?

It's Jeff! (Solo Motorcycle Team) It's Jeff!

In action:

Not too much later we arrived at the cabin. And later, the third party (The Philadelphia/Sweden/Chelsea Team) arrived.

The Next Morning it was morning.

Let's acquaint ourselves with the cabin.

And the back yard.

Lazy lakeside activities all morning long...

It was a little chilly at first. For Jeff, there was only one way to deal with the chilliness. Through dance.


Wait, nevermind. Youtube seems to hate this video.

Now behold, in sequence, my daring floating pancake daredevilry:

Jeff was not foolin when he called it his "swimming costume."

At lunch time we attacked the sandwich table like a pack of wild animals

Post-lunch, it was time to get serious with our lake activities. Pancake serious.

Jeff & Michelle. "You call this a storm?!"

Derek & Brooke prepare for their hellride.

Our admiral, Alex Kapranos, deftly wove the boat through the lake.

Derek is destroyed. Brooke followed soon after.

Next up: Kim & Jeff.


Despite all the death and destruction in the water, thing remained lighthearted out on the boat.

There was even a butterfly.

Back on the shore, Jeff sported the day's most gruesome injury.

Fast forward a bit and it's dinner time. And what were we to feast upon?

Why, it was tacos!

Livened up significantly with Devil vs. Dinosaur Hotsauce!

Jeff also owns a camera.

Started to get dark. This could lead to only one thing.

Fire! S'mores! People!

Post-That, back to the cabin for Gameboy and Tetris.

The next morning it was Sunday. Sunday we were very reverent so there wasn't a lot to photograph. Also, I was becoming very ill. So I napped a lot. But that all happened after it took me an hour to cook the breakfast sausages.

And also, I went down to the dock for some reading but this book wasn't as interesting as it seemed at first. (Note my roll of paper for noseblowing.)

Dinner that night? Chicken and spaghetti prepared by the Swedes.

And before you know it, it was Monday. Time to gear up the Sonata and head back for civilization.

Me. On the road. Contemplating my weekend and my week ahead.


Cindy said...

You're right, that is the best Labor Day Weekend Adventure Retreat. I'm jealous that you got to go to the water. I haven't been swimming this whole summer.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

You probably got sick from not being able to sleep out of fear of the evil cabin. You know people were killed there, right?

Anonymous said...

this post struggles

caroline said...

i went to the adirondacks (lake saranac) earlier this summer. it was for work so, no swimming, but it was so, so pretty. loved it.

and i grew up reading trixie belden. that's awesome.

mimi said...

yoohoo! jeff butler is a winner! you all had yourselves a merry old time!