Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mejor Desayuno en la Ciudad

Greg and Becky visited me last week but I'm going to preempt that full report to focus on our Mother's Day Brunch at Mission Cantina.

 A few weeks ago, to everyone's sadness, Mission Cantina stopped serving daily Vietnamese breakfast to replace it with Mexican breakfast on weekends. The Vietnamese breakfast was delicious, it was a bummer to see such an unique option go. But guess what? This Mexican breakfast is so good. Slap the table good. That good.

Let's get narrative for a moment...

Greg and Becky and I walked over to Mission Cantina Sunday to be there right when it opened, just in case there was a Mother's Day brunch crowd or something.

 Mission Cantina: When can I buy your logo on a t-shirt?

They've got a chandelier in the restaurant now.

This is the tile floor.

After giving the menu a good look and ordering ambitiously, I showed my visitors some cat videos on my phone.

Food began to arrive, I'll start with the superstars:

Check out this giant, dosa-looking quesadilla. In the inside? Cheese, giant chunks of avocado, and tons of tender beef cheek asada. Served with two fine salsas, this one goes on the Mission Cantina must list.

The best thing we had: these chilaquiles. Oh man. Usually when I see chilaquiles on a menu I'm like "ooh, chilaquiles, I love those" but then I keep moving and get something else. I'm so glad I did not pass up these ones, though. The trick is they're using what I took to be freshly fried thick and crisp homemade tortilla chips, tossed in an insanely good red sauce, topping it with crema, queso oaxaqieno, and avocado. Simple and perfect. I wish I could bring them to every other Mexican restaurant I go to and say: Here! Make me something just like these!

Also popping: Mission Cantina's baja-style fish tacos. I've had these before and I'm a fan.

Jowl bacon in habanero honey. Great to have on hand to make yourself a fish and bacon taco or have a bacon and beef cheek bite of quesadilla.

Our full spread, in the middle of being attacked. Note the crispy potatoes with lime yogurt by Becky's hand. Didn't get a satisfactory solo picture of those.

In summary: Mission Cantina done did it again with this breakfast menu. Just when I think I've been there enough and should give them a break, they pull me back in! Sign me up for three more rounds of Mexican Breakfast, sell t-shirts, and BRING BACK THE SMOKED PORK JOWL for dinner

Here's my face giving this meal my seal of approval.

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