Monday, May 04, 2015

Best Birthday Party of the Year That Wasn't For Andy -- Now With Special Bonus Party!

Thursday was my birthday, so I organized a gathering in my honor at the Gotham West Market. Why did I make my friends hike over to 11th Avenue to celebrate me? Because I wanted to gather at a place where good handful of people would fit with plenty of room, where we could eat without having to wait for everyone to be there or have to split a check and where there'd be something for everyone. Those are the reasons I invited my friends to a fancy food court.

I had the "Late Night" (available after 8pm) super porky tonkatstu ramen from Ivan Ramen. Those curly things are pork rinds. 

Pearl also had some of Ivan's ramen.

Look it's Renee and Jeff!

Sara and Ben.

Sara and Allison, about to buy me some Ample Hills ice cream.

Brooke and Marni.

The highlight of the night was when Brenda and Chelsea unveiled my was a Mickey Mouse hat!

Goofing around with my mouse hat cake, making Brenda and Chelsea nervous because they know something about my cake that I don't know.

Look! Do you see that Carol was in town from DC?

Brenda and Chelsea were like "You have to cut the cake, you have to cut the cake!" and I was like Ok, I'll cut the cake.

It was full of M&Ms! Turns out it was a chocolate walnut tunnel of fudge bunt cake with the hole filled up with M&Ms topped with a chocolate dome. Amazing!

More partiers: Chaunte and Cory.

Cool Hat Club meeting.

Me and Natalie.

Excited Andrea's Back, Charles, Victoria.

Kim, Lauren.

Andrea, Victoria, Ned.

and Angelique, too.

It was a great party! Thanks to all who came out and made my birthday dope. Apologies to partiers not pictured, or, I don't know. Depending on your feelings, "Your welcome" to the partiers not pictured.


You know what, I went to two other parties recently. Why not blog them here, too?

The Sunday before my birthday party was Chelsea's party, of course there was an awesome cake (it was a layered home made ice cream sandwich cake).

Chelsea, prepared to blow those candles out. Brenda, prepared to oversee.

My corner of the party featured Whitney and Natalie.

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zerry ht said...

How great party!! Thanks dear for sharing photographs here. Actually I am looking for some party inspirations for my birthday party that I am going to host at some local party places in the Bronx. I like the idea of using candles in this way. I’ll definitely use this idea dear!