Sunday, July 06, 2014

Best June Eatings

I present to you some of my meals from June.

At the beginning of the month I went to the Momofuku Noodle Bar with Jesse because she had never been. And she was about to move away. So it was important certain basics were covered before it was too late.

Classic Momofuku Ramen.

A spicy and tingly little cucumber salad.

The Pork buns.

New presentation for the asparagus with miso butter and poached egg dish. Watched the chef lay down those asparaguses like Lincoln logs.

Maybe I just hadn't had it for a while, but the chilled spicy noodles were a lot spicier than I remembered. Mission Chinese-level. Order with caution.

This is a creation called the Gorgon from Otto's Tacos. It's a "secret" menu item, but growing in fame quickly. It's a puffy taco filled with steak and topped with a load of guacamole and serrano sour cream. Also, it's big. You can't tell that from the photo. Like size of your hand big. It is delicious.

I brunched at the Momofuku Ssam Bar with Eliza a couple of weeks ago. Hadn't tried their brunch ever before.

We got the salmon buns, I wasn't so sure about it but heard they were good. They are good! The buns are cooked to approximate the crust of a bagel and the salmon and egg and everything inside are real nice. I know those are terrible descriptors. But it's a dish very worth trying.

Asparagus, bone marrow and brown butter. Very good.

Duck bowl. Reliable.

After years, finally got to have the Momofuku shrimp and grits. These grits are ridiculous and the number of shrimp you get quite generous.

Pork and egg tacos. Ehh. Kind of really taste like something you could make at home with leftover ham.

Also finally ate at Pies and Thighs. How was the chicken and biscuit? Just like this! Tastes exactly how it looks!

In my last post I mentioned our dinner at Dinallo's in Jersey. Here's Bobby setting up our main course.

Sausage and broccoli rabe, croquettes, steak, bone in chicken, stuffed sole, halibut. It was out of control and we'd already eaten about this much food already. Great meal, thanks Bobby!

And then Carol was in town and we met up with Broek and Lauri at Uncle Boon's, a Thai place near my house which combines insanely delicious food with a basement rec room design aesthetic extremely effectively. Carol leant me the following pictures, we ate more food than this, though.

Grilled head-on shrimp.

Shredded spicy chicken and banana blossom. Lots of heat here.

Short rib massaman.

Coconut sundae.

Uncle Boon's is the best new restaurant I've been to in a while. I definitely liked it better than my meal at Pok Pok a couple of years ago. Get some friends together and check it out.

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LaurenHoya said...

Those pork buns. That asparagus (twice). That secret menu taco thing!

It's time I come back to NYC. Soon, I hope.