Monday, June 30, 2014

Best Friends of June

Ah, June. You're just about over. But let's reflect on some of the happenings that happened during you.

June, you were a month of departures. First Kim left.

It was not easy on any of us.

And then Jesse left, too.

We had her a going away gathering at the Frying Pan. Which is a dock. That is a bar, or club? It floats, you sit at your table and eat Old Bay french fries and think about how much you are or aren't moving with the tide.

We goodbye'd Jesse well into the night. Last stop: Some frozen yogurt place in Chelsea.

But for every departure there was a joyful celebration, too. For example, I had the honor of attending Lexia and Adam's daughter Coco's first birthday party. And I got to take home a lot of pizza.

This under-photographed event was attended by good people I don't see nearly enough anymore, like Rich and his wife and kids. Rich is married now and has two kids and is a BISHOP in Brooklyn. This is what happens when you stop paying attention.

I've been partying here and there on rooftops, too, making new friends with fellows like Andrew. 

Jessica was in town to shoot a wedding.

I went with her and Pearl and had ice cream at Morgenstern's, the latest in the wave of advanced ice creameries hitting the city.

This kid in the window was just killing it while all us chumps waited in line to get inside and get that ice cream.

And this photo represents a much bigger blog posts that cannot be written about the meal I had in New Jersey with Paul and Tara and Stacie and this fellow Bobby who runs a restaurant called Dinallo's. He fed our stomachs with a grand bounty of food and fed our ears with stories of gangsters and catering you would not believe. But I believe!

And you might wonder, Did I make it to see the giant sugar lady like everyone else?

Yes, come on. Of course I did.

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