Thursday, February 07, 2013

Best Three Day Weekend Three Weeks Ago

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is I haven't known what to blog.  But just now I realized, "Duh, I can blog about Martin Luther King Day Weekend."  So here we go!  Let's take a look at Rev.Dr.MLK.jr.Day.2k13!

Friday night I went with Jesse to the MoMA to watch some of the Clock.  It was the Clock's last full weekend.  Crowds were out of control.  We waited maybe an hour and a half to get in?  The line was 3 to 4 hours long in the middle of the night later that weekend.

And what is the Clock?  A 24hr long movie made up of clips of movies perfectly synched with the time of day . . . meaning if you're watching it at 8:15pm, you'll see a scene from a movie that took place at 8:15pm.

After waiting to get into the Clock we waited to get into Totto Ramen, their chicken-based soup is regarded by many as the best ramen in the city.  I thought it was plenty good, I was glad they weren't stingy with the meat, but I'm not ramen expert enough to say what's the best ramen.  I mean, I'd definitely eat it again, don't get me wrong. 

Then Saturday morning I hopped on a Washington Deluxe and went down to DC.  Shortly upon arriving I discovered that there's a Bojangles at Union Station.  Bojangles is a southern fried chicken chain I've been keen to try, I told myself: Brigham, you're going to get that chicken before you catch the bus back to New York.

But my first DC meal was Shop House in Dupont Circle with Kat.  Shop House is the new Asian concept from Chipotle.  I liked that it wasn't just Panda Express, it was more fish-saucey and adventurous than than.

This is me posing with the treats that I brought down for my DC peoples.  Because I'm not just some bum that shows up without treats!

MLK Jr. weekend was also Inauguration Weekend, the whole city was so excited for the inauguration.

Saturday night it took trains and busses for Carol and I to get to the Dan Harmon show, the motivation for why I was down in DC in the first place.

Here it is!  Our bus!

I already posted about the Dan Harmon show, but here's a reminder photo.

But I haven't shown you my show-mates, Richie and Carol, yet.  Ta-Da!  Here they are.  Plus a friendly stranger.

Show got out well after midnight.  Saw some of the wonders of Arlington.

DC Metro.  Always looking so good, even when it's looking bad.

Sunday: Some of the colorful sights in Carol's neighborhood.

Sunday night Carol had a chili and macaroni and cheese gathering.  This is my only photo because I was pretty busy meeting some DC legends, being reunited with Dave and Christina and Jenica, and finally meeting Marcilyn.

Spent all Monday watching TV (starting with the Inauguration) and I could not be happier about it.  CNN said to Instagram yourself watching the Inauguration.  This was my effort.  I did not upload it and, therefore, I was not featured on CNN.  Regrets.  You just had to live with them.

Funny thing that happened: Emergency Broadcast System test interrupted inauguration proceedings. 

View from Carol's roof.  So glad I was inside and warm and not over by that dome.

I got to the bus station an hour early so I could get my Bojangles.  I stood in this line for half an hour (there was only one cashier and everyone was ordering suitcase-sized boxes of chicken) when I realized that I'd miss my bus if I kept waiting for that chicken.  So I had no Bojangles!  No Bojangles at all! Sometimes life just throws you these curve balls and you have to deal with them, you know?

But at least I've got a good reason to get back down to the District soon.

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