Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Night of Laughs

Last night I went with Chaunte to see Brent Weinbach at a little comedy show in Brooklyn.  He asked Chaunte to come up on stage with him to help "with his next trick."

Not only did he make a star of Chaunte but he made a song out of my name.  He has this joke that goes (I paraphrase) "I'm half-filipino, half-jewish.  Sometimes people ask me, oh, is it your mother or your father that's from the Philippines?  My name is Brent Weinbach." or something like that . . . at the end of the joke, he looked at me and asked, "You sir, what's your name?" and I answered.  He began repeating my name in a variety of accents before settling on Jamaican and started singing like a dance-hall reggae sounding song about me/my name before stopping abruptly and saying: "So, you're white?"  I'd never been the center of so much comedy before.

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