Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best Thursday Night Dinner

I think it's clear I've been struggling with what to post lately.  Guess I'm a little blog-blocked.  But there's one thing that's always good for a post: Momofuku foods.

Tonight I visited the Noodle Bar with former co-worker Viviana, we tried two new menus items:

Veal Sweetbreads with Rice Milk, Lime and Mint

Duck Sausage Rice Cakes with Kohlrabi, Mint and Cabbage

And enjoyed some tried and true staples:  Pork Buns (not pictured) and the Momofuku Ramen

Ok, this weekend I'm running off to DC and I think, if I'm lucky, I might have some good tales to tell on Tuesday and this blog will be back in business.

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