Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best Breaking News!

Three time last week popular culture news dropped that made me go, "Hmmm, maybe I should blog about that?" But I didn't.  Until now! Always on the cutting edge, I bring you last week's entertainment news . . . TODAY!

JJ Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode VII -- Okay, I already made a lensflare lightsaber joke on Facebook and I'd like to apologize and move on.  I think this is a good choice, it suggests good things are in store.  I'm not an Abrams zealot of any sort, but I recognize that he knows how to make good entertainments.  I think he's the right sort of level-headed but creative mind that could make us a good Star Wars movie.  So here we go!  Make me a new Star Wars movie!

Joaquin Phoenix Pretty Much Cast as Doc Sportello in Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice -- I didn't see the Master and Inherent Vice is my least favorite Pynchon novel but I just like seeing that a Pynchon movie is really being made by a very well-regarded director.  Do I care that Phoenix replaced the long-rumored Robert Downey Jr?  Not really, I like that the director is sticking with a fellow he's worked with before.  But I imagine Sportello as more of an older fellow, Mark Maron, actually.  That's who I think of when I think of Sportello.  Still, I'm just so curious how the finished project will turn out.  Has anyone heard any release-date rumors?

Coachella 2013 Line Up Announced! -- What I'm interested in here is the Friday night headliners.  Stone Roses and Blur?  Holy smokes!  Guess that Hyde Park show wasn't Blur's last gig, afterall?  (surprise, surprise [rolling eyes]).  If anything could get me out in the desert for a three day rock festival, I guess it would be those two bands (not 3rd billed Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who I've already seen from too far away to really enjoy).  What, tickets went on sale today?  Too soon.  Too soon for me to plan or dedicate myself.  I'll just take this as a sign Blur could be touring the US.  I'll try catching them at Radio City.

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