Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Best This is My Status

Dudes, I've been sick. I could feel it coming on Saturday night and I thought Sunday was bad, but Monday was the worst (too sick to even play video games). Tuesday was better (just sick enough to play video games all afternoon but really, not well enough to have gone downtown for a friend's art show like I did). I was expecting to wake up today totally good, but instead I've contracted a new symptom: sore throat. I didn't have this before.

My symptoms up until now have been: dizziness, headache, sleepy, coughing, soreness, sensitivity to light and sound (that's why no video games on Monday), total lack of appetite (but only very mild nausea), lack of willingness to answer phone, preference for staying wrapped up in a blanket with a pillow on my head, lack of typical concerns, indifference over "shocking" Bachelor results, swiftly alternating preference between long hot showers and no showering at all, weird tasting mouth, wanting to brush teeth multiple times a day during the day but then giving myself a skippy at bedtime, fever dream two nights ago that my blanket was acting as a telegraphic conductor of ward announcements (really it was me that was shivering, not the blanket), indifference to present proximity to taco truck that serves excellent egg and chorizo tortas, weird retreating into bedroom at 5pm so that now most of my new roommates haven't even seen me yet, thinking "Why does he talk so loud?" when Andy calls, indifference to home remedies and "proven" medical treatments, neglecting sudden emails from friends I haven't heard from in a long time, and burping. An uncharacteristically high amount of burping for myself.


Side of Jeffrey said...

Question - are your fillings in your teeth aching? If so, you got mono son.

Bek said...

if i lived there, i would take care of you.