Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best I Kind of Went to the Parade

Weather was very nice today. Took the 1 down to 66th street, walked across the park and watched a bit of the parade as it was going up 5th Avenue. Nothing too exciting, just a whole whole lot of High School bands. I did see one marching band with a kid playing the electric bass followed by a fellow student in full band apparel pushing the speaker (and a car battery) that the bass was plugged into on a little cart. That was new for me. Then walked back to 95th and Riverside, just stretching my legs a little, that's all.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

I went downtown for St Patty's on Saturday. First of all - that river gets Secret of the Ooze green. That was awesome. Chicago parade? Less than awesome (please remember this comes from someone who hates take that into account).

But MAN does Chicago love St Pats.