Thursday, April 09, 2015

Best Visit of the Year

Ok, finally home from work a little early so I can get this post written...

Last month Mom and Dad came to visit so we could eat. Dad also had meetings.

Wednesday night we went to Meadowsweet, a restaurant in Williamsburg. It's in the old Dressler space, and the chef is the original Dressler chef. This restaurant is a treasure for anyone that misses Dumont and Dressler.

I started off with an oyster. What kind of weirdo gets just one oyster? THIS kind of weirdo.

We shared a mushroom tagliatelle

And crispy baby artichokes, the same dish they used to have at Dumont. This one is a must, one of my favorite dishes in all of New York!

For my dinner I had a nice little steak dish.

Desserts were very serious. I had the maple panna cotta with candied pecans.

Mom and Dad go their apple tarte tartin and almond brown butter cake.

Sweet wallpaper, Meadowsweet.

Thursday night we had our dinner at Del Posto.

Friday night we saw A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.  Fun, but I expected more jokes.

Saturday Mom and I had an early lunch at Ma Peche while Dad was at meetings.

We had the chicken and waffles. I had the habanero chicken, Mom got the Southern-style.

These are their breakfast noodles, with poached egg, chorizo, and creme fraiche.

Mom got to break the egg and stir up the noodles.

All ready for eating!

And this is the pig head, avocado, egg and fried onion sandwich. I ate more of it than mom, on account of the head.

After lunch we walked around 5th Avenue, spending some time in Bergdorf Goodman and the Nintendo store.

Then met back up with Dad at their hotel and rested up a bit.

For dinner we wound up at an Upper West Side pan-Asian eatery, the sort of place where Mom and Dad could have Thai (I'm not sure what they're looking at on Dad's phone here. Maybe its birthday presents for me?)

And I could have sushi for the first time in a long time.

Then Dad and I went to the Met to see La Donna del Lago. It had been a good long while since we last went to the Met together.

A favorite spot: the Ezio Pinza memorial water fountain.

It was a good opera. I don't know a lot of opera, but every now and then I can tell if it's kind of good. I've been to a lot of operas, though. I bet at least two dozen. I'm cultured!

Sunday morning we breakfasted at Cherche Midi. How do you pronounce that? Turns out it's kind of like saying "Sir Schmidty." I got us a reservation here just in case I didn't think of anywhere else to go, and I never did, so we went and guess what? It was a monster hit with mom!

We got there for the first seating.

Hot and fresh beignets. 

Beignet protection.

Our breakfast. I had the Prime Rib Burger.

And then, since we were nearby, we went over to Katz's so Mom and Dad could pick up a sandwich for their flight home.

Doesn't hurt that Katz's is across the street from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, either.

And then we went to a little bit of church and I put Mom and Dad in a cab and they were off to the airport (to wait an hour or two for their delayed flight, of course).

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