Saturday, February 28, 2015

Best Ballin' Out of Control

Because she's the best, and because she works for the Association, Aubrey (you follow her on twitter, right? No? What? You hate clever?) gave me a couple of tickets to the rookies game during All-Star Weekend for me and Christian (my friend/kid I tutor) to use. 

The seats were pretty dope, 13 rows back and behind one of the hoops. I'd never sat so close to a game before.

We were well within striking range for mascot antics.

During the game Aubrey texted me that she was going to move us to a better spot at the half. I saw empty seats a few rows ahead of us and thought "Oh that's pretty cool." BUT actually what she meant was she had some courtside spots for us! Courtside!

Like sitting right behind these guys!

Still plenty of mascot time down there, too.

I was watching the game on the big screen instead of right in front of me most of the time. I couldn't help it.

Christian wanted me to take pictures of lots of people who I didn't know who they were.

The only person I saw that I recognized was Rick Fox. He must be a coach now or something.

Being right there, I liked the basketball a lot more. They just kept running back and forth dunking. I think there was an agreement between the two teams that they'd just be taking turns dunking on each other. (p.s. I know this isn't a picture of a slam dunk. I know what a slam dunk isn't, guys!)

On the left, way over on the left, there's my hands and nose! I was on TV all night.

I love basketball! When it's real close.

Christian and our generous benefactor talking basketball details (such as player names) that I just couldn't keep up with.

The sad Rich Get Richer truth is that if you're sitting court side it's pretty easy to score a t-shirt or mini-basketball when they're getting tossed out.  

One last picture, this is the "Can You Believe It" feeling a nice court side time will give you.

Oh, and after the game? I learned from Christian what a chop cheese sandwich is. That's the strength of Street Knowledge.

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