Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best Here's Some November and December Stuff

Hey, why don't we catch up on some stuff from November and December? Just some this and that stuff, that's all.

I'm still borrowing people's glasses.

And still wearing my new jeans.

I changed apartments but stayed in my same building, here's my new kitchen being moved into

Here's my old kitchen just about moved all out of.

I've got a new tie with pigeons on it.

I look at the super-tall new apartment building a lot while I'm at work.

Speaking of work, we had a really exciting day there a few weeks ago.

And speaking of "a few weeks ago", a few weeks ago I went over to Williamsburg with Allison

To eat at Fette Sau

Because Leslie was in town!

And while Leslie, Renee, Angelica and I were walking around we ran into Alex just out on the street on her phone.

And speaking of crazy, a few days later Kellyn and Chip were in town! We went to Mission Cantina and ate ice cream.

And speaking of eating, a few weeks ago I went to the Ssam Bar with some friends and had my first Bo Ssam in about a year...or two? No, no. A year. It's only been a year since I last had the Bo Ssam.

Other eating I've done, just the other day I was walking through the East Village and felt like getting a taco from Taqueria Diana.

Which made me feel like grabbing a taco from Otto's Tacos, since it's just a block away.

And this made me feel like trying the new Al Pastor Buns at the Noodle Bar.

I have a question for artists: Is the likeness of a lion notoriously difficult to capture?

I'm just including this hubcap picture because I think it turned out pretty well.

One very cold Saturday I went on a Church History walking tour of Lower Manhattan and at the very end learned that the whole tour is available online. For when you don't feel like freezing.

But that's ok because after the tour we all went and ate donuts at Trevor's apartment and he's got good views of other cool apartments. On the left you might see a little house on a roof? That house had chickens.

And speaking of views, one rainy night I was out with friends looking at Christmas windows.

Have a Holly Jolly Emergency.

And speaking of Christmas, I went out to the Loew's Jersey Theatre to see It's a Wonderful Life.

I was there with all sorts of good people, want me to name two? Okay, easy. Ellen and Patricia. See? Wasn't hard to do.

Another Christmas celebration: Victoria's Birthday Christmas Cookie Party.

My Mickey Mouse cookie wound up a koala.

Here's a picture of all the partiers, even me. And even my roommate, too.

Oh! One other Christmas thing: Helped organize, set up and clean up a great big Christmas party at the Lincoln Square building. Here's my only photo. It's from when we were cleaning up.

One day I went and had the new Vietnamese breakfast at Mission Cantina. More Mexican restaurants should serve Vietnamese food. 

Broken rice with lemongrass sausage. It's an interesting scene inside Mission Cantina at breakfast time. Everyone looks like they might be either a famous chef or food writer. 

Even when I was all done my plate was still real pretty.

Also, big news, I've taken ownership of three Venus Flytraps. More on them much later in the year.

Ok, everybody. Don't forget to have a Merry Christmas (this is the tree in front of Andy's building. We had a Christmas party where we watched Despicable Me 2. Most people don't realize it's a Christmas movie.)

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