Saturday, November 01, 2014

Best Halloween Parade of the Year

Andrew is in town. And Friday was Halloween. We tore my room apart trying to throw together last minute costumes for the parade. Look how torn apart the room got!

And then we hustled over through soho to meet up with amigos to march in the Halloween Parade. We knew we were in the right spot when we saw Stephanie and Lisa bounding down the street in their inflated ballerina costumes.

I found Andrew my old Ben Franklin wig and he made himself a Ben Franklin costume. Jess was a fashion photographer. Emily was dressed in black. Morgan was cool.

I got out my rock n roll outfit that I hadn't worn since 2004.

Dude's make up was so good I'm not sure who he was.

Trish was Karl Lagerfeld and Ty was Mugatu. There was a whole fashion-people group costume happening.

Tamara was Good Ol' Tamara. I'm just glad she came back to New York!

Alexis was an Aviatrix. Jon was Zorro, I presume.

Brook a Lichtenstein Girl.

Aja a Tron.

Bryan as the Salsa Dancer of Your Dreams, Tara and Stacie wore little witch hats.

Ben Franklin with Colette covered in Benjamins.

Crazy Coincidence: Trish realized she had met Andrew's parents while on a trip to Peru a year and a half ago. So here she is talking to his dad.

UPS and scary cyclops snake.

Strangers in Beetlejuice outfits.

Emily as Anna Wintour.

Bald Eagle Kid.

The whole Fashion Squad.

Getting in line for the parade now...some Spirited Away Spirits.

Dallin as Tokyo Lady.

So this is the line up to get into the parade...and would you believe it might have been the least awful line I'd been in for the parade so far?

This lady had a beer can in her eye.

Over there on the left: Witch King.

Look at that grown up Madeline by the jellyfish.

This TV crew was having a hard time getting respect from the NYPD and wound up in line with all the prols.

Lined up, almost in the parade, behaving ouselves well.

And then we were in the parade with Samba-dancing aerobics ladies.

iPad face returns.

Pretty skinny, for a Hulk.

Slash meets Cousin It.

Now this costume was great but the photos a little's a girl in a wheel chair dressed as the Headless Horseman.

Lindsay and Husband, just watching the parade.

I will never, ever just watch the Halloween Parade.

A cat and a woodchuck.


Spooky Jefferson Market Library tower.

Dancing Blue Oxen.

House Music float.

Dance Skater disco float.

Parade kind of thins out by the time you reach 14th Street.

Two X-Men making sure everyone gets out of the parade safe.

Then Andrew and I had a little dinner at the Joe Junior Restaurant Diner on Second Ave. Might I dare submit this place to your list of best restaurants in New York? It's good to eat at a place run by professionals that take their jobs seriously.


sarah said...

The Beatlejuice costumes are terrific.

Jen said...

alexis! totally know her! its been a while but ya.