Sunday, May 31, 2015

Best Redirect

I'm trying out something new.

For the next year I'll be blogging at

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Best Brother (and sister-in-law) Visit

Greg and Becky came to visit me, and this is my report.

They arrived early one Wednesday morning, I hugged them and explained how to use the kitchen faucet and then ran off to work. Many hours later we met at the Noodle Bar.

We had roasted broccoli with dried pork in a ssam sauce vinaigrette. 

Roasted beets with radishes. 

Rice cakes, roast chicken, and bonito.

The meat-free hozon ramen.

And the chilled spicy noodles.

Dessert: a s'more-o cookie, candy apple cake balls, and trail mix soft serve. The ice cream tasted like nuts and raisins! Raisins!

Thursday night we took a break from hanging out and I went to my baseball game for the year.

Friday I took a long lunch to go out and meet them at Roberta's. It had been so long since my last Roberta's!

We got a meatball pizza called the Meatwad. I just laughed and laughed to get a pizza called the Meatwad.

Our other pizza was called the Little Stinker. Lots of onion and garlic.

Ordered a celery root dish as well.

Getting a good look at that painting of two pizza cowboys.

And a good look at the main room.

Bushwick's gigantic Daredevil mural.

It's me!

Saturday morning we went to the Pop Up Flea.

Did some walking,

And had lunch at Xi'an Famous Foods.

That night I met up with them and Katrina (and later Andrea) at Coney Island because I had gotten hung up on the idea of riding on the Wonder Wheel.

First we rode the Spook-A-Rama. It was a little better than expected.

A tiny bit of additional Coney Island exploring would precede our Wonder Wheel ride.

Finally! Wonder Wheel time! I went on this once in 2008, recognized the principles of the Wonder Wheel at play with the California Adventure Ferris Wheel, and just think it's great. Here's the thing: Coney Island isn't so bad, it's actually pretty cool, and the Wonder Wheel is probably my favorite thing about it, even though I've only been on it twice.

Faces of Wonderment.

Wonderment in action!

Thrilled disembarkers.

And now, some of Coney Island's great signage:

The fog was coming in and made everything look real dope

Doing anything for that perfect shot.

We could have fog walked forever, I think.

Pee Wee, Jackie, Brigham and Greg.

Observing the Hot Dog Eating records in awe.

Subway ride...

To Spumoni Garden. 

For pizza

And a modest dessert

Subway ride.

Sunday Morning: Like I told you before, breakfast at Mission Cantina.

Then discovered a community turtle pond.

Kitten-looking chairs.

Treats at Morgenstern's.

Salted chocolate, extra salty.

Post-church: Lincoln Center poses.

Fountain was acting a little subdued but ok.

And then, before sending them to France, fed my visitors hot dogs. Because Becky said she loved sauerkraut.

To help me get over the sadness of my visitors leaving I went and heard a North Korean artist talk about his failed attempt to flea his country, subsequent time in jail, loss of his family, and final successful escape from that country.